nov 09 2011

Peter Wagner (novembre 2011)

Peter Wagner, Professeur-chercheur à l’ICREA, Université de Barcelone, intervient en novembre 2011 au département, en tant que professeur invité.

Une conférence est organisée, le 7 novembre, de 15h00 à 18h00, sur le thème « Critique et modernité ». Discussion animée par Laurent Jeanpierre (Labtop).

Research Interests:

Located in the areas of comparative historical and political sociology, social and political theory, and the sociology of the social sciences, my research is focused on the identification and comparative analysis of different forms of social and political modernity and of the historical trajectories of modern societies. Initially, I applied it in a comparative political sociology of European national societies. Subsequently, I analyzed the process of European integration by reviewing both the institutional transformations of European societies over the past two centuries and the transformations in the self-understanding of Europe. “Modernity” then does not appear as a single and unique model of social organization, but rather emerges as variable interpretations of basic human problématiques in the light of specific historical experiences. Currently, a key task of social analysis is the comparative analysis of plural forms of modernity in their global context.